From payment reminders to processing a transaction, we have a payment solution to complement any business model. Our platform creates an easy connection between buyers and sellers by sending secure click to purchase links, text receipts, and bill reminders to make payments easy. Whether it’s to upsell offers or mitigate refunds, payment-integrated text communication is an easy way to boost revenue and improve customer service.

Text Payments

A New Revenue Channel
  • Collect Payments
  • Text Receipts
  • Bill Reminders
  • Text Reminders
  • Secure link to click to purchase
  • Increase post-sale communication
  • Validate mobile number
  • Upgrade purchases & offers


Mitigate Risk
Protect your assets and secure payments with text-payment validation
Upsell Additional Offers
Boost revenue and enhance the customer experience
Service Improvement
Utilize two-way text messaging to open up communication to reduce chargebacks & refunds