Why Pay by Text is the Best Contactless Payment Solution for Companies Practicing Social Distancing from Customers

COVID19 Taught Businesses About Contactless Payments Overnight

Since the COVID19 Pandemic struck the United States, far fewer companies ask contactless payment companies like Everyware, "What does contactless payment mean?" Instead of spending time on calls with companies looking for pay by text, payment processing, and two-way messaging solutions describing the benefits of integrating a contactless payment method into their omnichannel payment mix, meetings these days tend to start with "We need contactless! (And all the features around it, too.)"

For those who might still be unclear though, Investopedia defines a Contactless Payment as "a secure method for customers to purchase products or services using a debit, credit or smartcard… by using RFID technology."

Even More Contactless than Before

Contactless has always meant no contact between a vendor and their customer. Nobody wants to share germs - Germs that live on credit cards, cash and on our hands. Now, we don’t even want to come within 6 feet of contact when it is time to pay.

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You’ve seen the Tap and Go options on card readers in stores. Those have spiked in popularity since the COVID crisis. For some, even getting close enough to tap is too close.

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The contactless strategy of carrying your own pen to avoid passing of a potentially germ-laden pen at checkout is also trending. Bring your own pen, sure, but stand back and wear a mask while you sign.

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Consumers are using their phones for payments now. Even after social distancing restrictions lift, experts predict contactless payments will be here to stay.

Companies that Adopt Innovative Payment Tech Stand a Better Chance of Surviving COVID19

Finding innovative ways to communicate with customers and collect payments for services and products is now many companies’ top priority. Those poised to withstand the pandemic and grow in the future are the ones getting on board with the latest (contactless) payment and communication innovations like Pay by Text.

At Everyware, we hear it all the time…

  • "We’ve been meaning to update our payment collection strategy."
  • "We heard consumers (especially millennials) would like to get text invoices or even just text receipts."
  • "We thought SMS marketing seemed interesting and heard our competitors were doing it."
  • "We know website chatbots are often clicked out before conversations kick off. And we know people check their text messages more than email (more than anything.)"

Does this sound like you? Are you one of the companies that was waiting for the right time to try adding a new payment technology into your mix? Now is the time.

With Pay by Text and two-way messaging from Everyware, your company uses a completely secure web platform to

  • Issue a personalized text with an invoice link to the customer
  • The customer clicks the link to open a payment screen
  • They enter their card info (or it was already saved in their browser) and click Pay
  • You see the payments come into the web portal in real time
Everyware Contactless Pay by Text Interface

This is Your Company’s [Contactless] Pay by Text Success Story

Your restaurant is seeing a huge uptick in deliveries and take out orders. In Texas, you’ve now been given special pandemic permission by the governor to deliver alcohol! That’s helping.

Your restaurant gets a dedicated text messaging number and payment processing service set up with fully customized, branded Payment and Messaging Platform within 48 hours of visiting Tell your staff the great news and the next time a customer calls …

  • You enter customer’s order in your POS
  • Send your still-employed waiter-turned-delivery-driver to "leave it at the door"
  • Employee texts customer with Pay by Text link before food gets cold
  • Customer clicks payment link, enters a generous tip amount
  • You see payment in your PCI secure payment and messaging platform
  • Text the customer a Thank you message

Or you integrated with your existing systems, send selfies of employees thanking customers for orders, set up a "How was your food?" text survey … because you’re extra awesome.

Get Pay by Text with Two-Way Messaging Now

Contact us to get started today. We’ll have you up and running with your innovative, contactless solution in no time.

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Why Pay by Text is the Best Contactless Payment Solution for Companies Practicing Social Distancing

Since the COVID19 Pandemic struck the United States, far fewer companies ask contactless payment companies like Everyware, "What does contactless

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