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Need to accept payments easily and quickly? Try the world’s most flexible and integrated, payment and customer engagement platform.

Increase payment activity, get paid on time, and enhance loyalty with the payment support that people expect.

Accept Payments Without Limits.

Everyware allows you to invoice by text, email, or both. Customers can make payments from their preferred payment method or simply by responding with "yes." Offer customers multiple ways to pay to see an increase in collection rates and payment experience satisfaction.

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Offering every way to pay
Everyware enables businesses to accept a wide variety of payments.
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A payment platform designed to grow your business.

Consumers like options and when it comes to payments, they expect choices. Everyware integrates seamlessly into your business so you can enjoy higher average sales, faster payments, reduced late or lagging payments and more predictability around receivables.

  • Flexible and easy integration
  • Top Ecommerce platform plug-ins
  • Two-way mobile communication
  • Rest API & iFrame integrations

Everyware works with businesses across a wide variety of industries. How can Everyware become a cornerstone of your success?

Auto Dealerships
Whether you own a smaller pre-owned lot or a large franchise dealership, Everyware will integrate with your DMS. Your Fixed-Ops department can use Everyware to invoice customers, send reminders, and engage them via two-way texting. F&I can accept payments through the system, and Sales can accept deposits.
Everyware is a HIPAA-compliant digital invoicing system that increases revenues while cutting down on administrative costs. Everyware will make your patients' lives easier by offering them multiple payment options. Your healthcare staff can collect payments faster and engage patients through HIPAA-secure two-way text messaging. Maximize your revenue without having to allocate staff to pursue patient payments and remove barriers by giving your patients more options to pay.
Billing Management
Customers can easily ignore or lose emails and physical invoices. Before sending expensive paper statements, use Everyware for batch invoicing by text, email, or both with automated payment reminder messages. You can collect 30% more on your next batch of bills.
Ensure that you receive fast payment for the goods and services that you offer. Multiple payment options are a convenience for the modern traveler, and with Everyware, you can accept payment through a secure payment link, digital wallet, credit card, bank transfer, or even cryptocurrency.
With Everyware, your donors can text to give their donations while your non-profit minimizes processing fees. Engage your donors and volunteers via two-way messaging. Everyware is fully integrable with your current software, so you don't have to purchase or modify your existing systems.
Everyware integrates with your current point of sale hardware so you can offer your customers a Pay-By-Text invoice that they can pay from their phone without presenting a card. Customers can still use a digital wallet, swipe a card, or pay cash if they prefer.
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