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Payment Solutions

Hosted Checkouts

Everyware's Hosted Checkouts equip businesses with secure no-code
online payment pages and low-code embedded forms.

Easy setup options allow you to customize your checkouts to
match your brand for a seamless customer experience.

Benefit from top-level security with SSL encryption and
PCI DSS compliance.

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Payment Solutions
Hosted payment pages

Hosted Payment Pages

Everyware's Hosted Payment Pages ensure secure online
transactions and meet PCI DSS standards. Compatible across
devices, they align with your brand to improve conversions.

The Open Payment Amount feature allows for payment flexibility,
ideal for nonprofits and variable-priced entities. It builds trust and
simplifies the payment process.

Payment Links

Send secure payment links directly to your customers’ SMS or email
inbox with Everyware's Payment Links.

Whether you're billing for services, collecting donations, or selling
products online, our payment links fit every scenario. They are the
ideal solution for more efficient remote billing.

Customize invoices to match your company branding, configure
amounts, discounts, custom fees and more.

Payment Links

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qr code payments

QR Code Payments

Provide customers the convenience of paying by simply scanning a
QR code from a mobile device to quickly reach a secure hosted
checkout page or invoice link.

Subscription Payments

Everyware's subscription management features allow you to quickly
automate recurring payments, making it easy to collect dues from
subscribers or members.

Customize plans, set upfront fees, offer trial period discounts, adjust
billing schedules and send SMS updates or reminders throughout
the course of a plan.

Ideal for services needing consistent revenue and engagement.

Subscriptions Payments

Accept Online Payments Effortlessly With Everyware,
A Payment Platform For Businesses Of All Sizes

Integrate Everyware's payment processing capabilities directly into your existing platform or application with our comprehensive APIs.
Designed for developers, our API provides extensive documentation, easy-to-understand code samples,
and dedicated support to ensure seamless integration.

Whether you're building an e-commerce site, a mobile app, or a complex software system, our API is
flexible enough to meet your needs and robust enough to handle any payment volume securely.

Payment integration APIs

Payment Integration APIs

Integrate with Everyware's secure and flexible rest APIs to add
valuable functions to your software platform including Invoicing,
Pay By Text, Payment Tokenization, Subscription Payment Plans,
Instant Payouts, and many more secure payment and text
messaging capabilities.

Designed for developers, our APIs come with easy-to-understand
documentation, code samples, and dedicated support to ensure
seamless integration.