Nonprofit Fundraising and Donor Engagement Solutions

Everyware's Fundraising & donor engagement solutions, including Text to Give, SMS campaigns, & two-way texting, help nonprofits surpass fundraising.

Make a difference in the world with Everyware
Building trust with donors, establishing long-term relationships, and raising more funds to help you achieve your mission and reach your goals just got simpler. With Everyware, donations are a simple text away.
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Guaranteed Security
Donors can rest easy with secured 2-way communication and donations.
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Improve Efficiencies
Donation setup can be tedious. Everyware makes one-time and recurring donation setup easy with automated Text to Give workflows.
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Donor Satisfaction
Everyware allows you to communicate more effectively by text message with donors and volunteers.
Text To Give

Donors can contribute anywhere, anytime, from their phones. Text To Give allows your donors to text “give” to initiate recurring or one-time donations to any fund they would like. No coding required with quick setup.

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Recurring Donations

You can raise up to 42% more with automatic recurring donations. Everyware allows you to setup unique recurring giving plans to suit your loyal donors or enroll donors in suggested giving plans that you create.

Hosted Donation Pages

Easily create unlimited Hosted Donation Pages and share them by URL, a QR code or a button to your website that opens to a secure page where donors can enter the amount they wish to give and complete donations in seconds.

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See how to integrate online donation pages, payment widgets, QuickBooks and many more engagement features that can add value to your donor management system. Help nonprofits raise and engage more with their donors and volunteers with our simple APIs and embedded code.

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