Identity Verification

Everyware's comprehensive suite of Identity Verification Solutions, including ID Document Verification and Identity Match, is designed to fortify your business against fraud and financial losses.

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Identity Match

Check a contact’s name and address against their mobile number’s match to information sourced across U.S. Census and Credit Bureau data.

ID Document Verification

Check on the authenticity of official ID documents such as U.S. Driver License or passport.

Liveness Check

Compare an ID document photo to a live selfie.

Why Your Business Needs Identity Verification

  • Know your customers are indeed who they claim to be
  • Comply with KYC and AML best practices
  • Trust in processing every payment
  • Demonstrate your commitment to data security
  • Ensure a fluid and secure digital invoicing and payment experience
  • Reduce financial loss from cybersecurity deficiencies
  • Streamline risk operations
  • Assured legitimacy of online interactions

Businesses report increase fraud losses in recent years


Businesses implemented some kind of ID verification strategy

50% +

Consumers remain only somewhat confident in business' ability to identify them online


Identity thefts in 2023 were related to credit card fraud


Of all fraud is impersonation fraud


Fully understand the impact fraud has on their business


Surge in penalties for failure to comply with AML, KYC and CDD regulations


Fraud victims do not recover any losses, ever

Identity Match

Perform a real-time check of a contact's name, address, and mobile phone information against our expansive U.S. Census and Credit Bureau dataset. Identity Match can also be implemented as part of digital invoice payment processing, either by holding transactions where the identity is not verified or monitoring them only.

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ID Document Verification

Initiate an ID Document Verification by sending a secure link via text from the Everyware portal or ID Document Verification Request API. Contacts use a guided mobile interface to scan their ID and review a few key personal details. We verify the information against multiple external sources and return instant results. Adjustable re-verification and link expiration settings ensure your busniess’ ongoing security and compliance.

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Identity Liveness Check

Add another layer of certainty with the ID Document Verification +Liveness Check option. After a user scans their official document, they take a selfie from their phone and our system performs a biometric match between the selfie and photo on the ID document. The combination of document scanning and a liveness check provides a dual-layered approach to authentication, helping to ensure the person presenting the ID document is its rightful owner.

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Identity Verification Benefits

  • Build KYC Confidence

  • Increase Customer Trust, Satisfaction and Retention

  • Avoid Regulatory Noncompliance

  • Rely on Contact Authenticity

  • Fortify Against Chargebacks and Fraud Loss

  • Save on Security Operational Costs

Security Across Sectors

Identity verification in today’s digital commerce landscape is critically important for a variety of businesses.

  • Secure high-value and remote purchases

  • Authenticate new users and business onboarding

  • Verify identities for loyalty programs