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Help your clients drive new payment channels by partnering with Everyware. Our easy-to-use, end-to-end customer experience platform will benefit your clients and give you a competitive edge. Our Integrated Payments Platform provides highly personalized, versatile payment experiences like no other.

Tired of trying to convince merchants to switch from one solution to another?
Try Everyware instead
By becoming an Everyware reseller, you and your merchants can take advantage of multiple payment options since we have integrated with the strongest processing partners to support EVERY payment technology. The ultimate payment engagement experience is highly personalized, versatile, and engaging.
A unified portal streamlines training and reduces workload disruptions for merchants
Get the sales support you need with innovative payment solutions
Streamline your payment processing with Everyware
Streamline your payment processing with Everyware
  • New Revenue Channel Opportunities
  • Negotiable Rates
  • Fast Merchant Account Approval
  • High Merchant Retention
  • Relationship Manager Support
  • Demo Sites for All Agents
  • Centralized Payment Method
  • Feature Versatility
  • Highest Level of Security & Compliance
Here's how it works
It only takes 3 simple steps
Complete a quick form to let us know how the best way to get in touch
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It only takes 3 simple steps
Everyware gives the latest, greatest, most innovative payment products to your clients.

Everyware helps resellers achieve higher merchant retention, customer satisfaction and improved financial performance with tools built for highly personalized, versatile, payment and engagement experiences.

  • Increase merchant retention
    Provide merchants with a reliable messaging and payments platform at competitive rates
  • Improved financial performance
    Drive revenue by collecting payments quickly with our unique payment and messaging features
  • Personalized demo sites
    Designated demo sites for agents that they can customize making demonstrating the Everyware platform hassle - free
  • Easy integrations
    Provide easy & flexible APIs to connect to existing systems for a turnkey payment solution
  • Offer multiple ways to pay
    Accept multiple payment options to maximize revenue across all sales channels
  • Customized marketing
    Co-branded templates can be used across different verticals for services and features, and consultations for marketing initiatives.
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