Increase Value with Integrated Payments & B2C Texting

Integrate payment processing into your software or app to boost revenue and add value to your clients current payment strategy. Everyware gives you secure APIs, tools, and expertise necessary to integrate conversational commerce into your solution with ease. Whether you want to add on a secure hosted payments page or connect systems with an api, we have the perfect payment solution.

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Integrate. Automate. Innovate.

Quick to integrate, automate, and innovate! We provide the custom integration options that best suit your platform and workflows to add on billing and invoicing features, donations, hosted payment pages, and much more. Experience what innovative payments can do for your business.

Drive Innovation
Enable your clients to get paid faster and maintain a contactless environment with multiple payment options. We are experts in modernizing payments and have partnered with the top financial institutions and fintech’s companies to ensure reliably to connect securely to payment solutions, so you don’t have too.
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Expand Product Portfolio
Expanding your products to include payments is not easy and not without risk. Eliminate compliance and overhead for your merchant’s by utilizing our encrypted authentication access method and other security measures that are built into the design and management of Everyware’s platform.
Strengthen Customer Relationships
The modern customer needs a reliable company who can deliver custom solutions for them fast and efficiently. Get access to the payments system you need, so you don’t slow your growth by building your own solutions. Your customers will be happy and so will you that you chose a partner to meet all your clients demands.
Improve Revenue
Drive incremental revenue and increase the retention for your merchants with our fast onboarding. Everyware scales across platforms and works with existing systems to deliver multiple ways to integrate your payment and messaging solutions, while equipping your users with contactless payments they need.
Integration Hub

The Everyware Integration Hub contains comprehensive reference guides designed to walk developers through payments and two-way messaging API setup. With detailed field descriptions, use case examples, sample code, work flow diagrams, and visuals showing how the integrated features will work, the Hub is a bookmark-worthy resource sure to save you from email overload.

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The All-in-One Payment Engagement Platform

Enjoy all the added security and decreased payment friction with a modern payment platform to scale your business.

  • Start selling quickly
    Integrate with developer-friendly flexible APIs and start selling payment solutions.
  • Keep things simple
    With a singular integration, you can unify payment infrastructure and let you focus on your product, not implementing billing solutions.
  • Built for software companies
    With our focus on software, we have years of experience helping over 9000+ software businesses to launch, run & grow.
  • Centralize all Your Data
    Simplify your B2B sales, gain confidence in your revenue data and ensure total compliance in every market.
  • Save you Time and Money
    Don't start at the beginning. We already have the payments solutions done to simply add on for your merchants.
  • The Highest Revenue Share
    Offer new and existing customers integrated payment solutions that add value with the highest revenue share program.
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