Decoding 10DLC Registration Compliance

The dynamic world of business communication was shaken when US businesses using A2P 10DLC messaging numbers and campaigns sent from them were required to register with a central authority as of 2023 - The Campaign Registry (TCR).

As a business wise to the benefits of engaging customers by text message you might be questioning: What does A2P 10DLC registration entail? Why should my business comply? How can my business ensure compliance?

We will untangle the complexities of A2P 10DLC regulatory compliance, examine the crucial measures your company must take to comply, and explain the benefits of registering your brand and campaigns.

Significance of 10DLC Regulation : No Longer Optional

Businesses today use 10DLC, Toll-Free and Short Code numbers for a variety of Business-to-Consumer (B2C) communication. Businesses with traditional 10 Digit Long Code (10DLC) phone numbers intended for Application-to-Person (A2P) text messaging must now be registered so their messaging activities can be vetted.

Why regulate text messaging? As A2P text messaging popularity skyrocketed in recent years, the prevalence of text scams also grew, reportedly cost $330 million in consumer losses in 2022*. Mobile carriers called for sanctioned 10DLC A2P messaging services to regulate delivery of unwanted, inappropriate or fraudulent messages to consumers.

What must my business do to ensure compliance? You must register your A2P 10DLC messaging number with TCR for your brand and each messaging campaign you intend to send.

Everyware strategically provisions 10DLC messaging numbers, registers brands and campaigns on behalf of businesses, provides SMS template guidance, and offers multiple built-in compliance features to save you time and help ensure as much messaging engagement success as possible.

Why should my business comply? Businesses that utilize 10DLC messaging numbers must understand compliance with TCR is not a mere recommendation, it's a necessity. Non-compliance can significantly jeopardize your business’ text message deliverability, which can in turn damage your brand's reputation and bottom line.

At first glance, 10DLC registration might appear as just another hurdle on your business’ burgeoning list of startup tasks. However, it also gives you the opportunity to refine your business to consumer messaging strategy, elevate the integrity and effectiveness of your communication, and catalyze growth.

4 Key Benefits of 10DLC Registration

Let’s unpack the four key benefits of A2P 10DLC messaging registration that illuminate why investing your time and effort in full compliance is invaluable, albeit obligatory.

1. Amplified Text Message Throughput and Delivery

Your message throughput - the rate at which messages are sent. Your message deliverability- the rate of messages delivered to recipients. Both depend on registering your A2P 10DLC number and campaigns you intend to send.

When you register and work with experts to structure campaigns strategically you can avoid the risk of outbound texts being flagged as suspicious or blocked and you’ll enjoy ample deliverability rates and their results in tow.

2. Reputed Security

Registered businesses and campaigns are awarded higher message throughput because their messages are considered bona fide, trustworthy, and secure.

Register to solidify your reputation as a business that values security. in the eyes of consumers, which is especially important when your campaigns center on time sensitive or private subject matter.

3. Increased Brand Recognition

By complying with 10DLC regulations, your business can carve out a consistent identity for its messaging campaigns. This consistency is paramount for brand visibility. Once registered, you’ll be able to dispatch all of your promotional, transactional, and informational text messages from the same identifiable (trustworthy) source.

You want your customers to recognize and associate your 10DLC number with your brand. Over time, this recognition can foster familiarity and trust, significantly increasing the impact of your campaigns.

Moreover, possessing a registered, dedicated number injects a dose of professionalism into your communication. It signals to your customers that your enterprise is robust and credible, further enhancing your brand's image and reputation.

4. Boosted Local Presence

The first three digits of a 10-digit phone number are its area code. Everyware registers A2P 10DLC numbers with area codes associated with the business’s physical location or offers businesses the option to use their existing business landline for text messaging. This solidifies the business’s local presence in the eyes of customers.

Customers who receive messages from a registered, secure 10DLC number with a familiar local area code will more likely trust the source, read the message, and engage with the sender. In fact, authorities have warned consumers not to answer calls at all from numbers they don't recognize to avoid falling pray to the "scam economy."

Additionally, it can enhance the perceived accessibility and reliability of your business, potentially leading to increased customer loyalty and retention.