Are you getting enough new leads from your website?

Your company website may be informative, but how interactive is it? Is it bringing you enough new leads? Are you paying a ton for a fancy chatbot that took forever to set up? In today’s digital environment, these are the questions you have to answer as a business owner. And depending on your answers, you might have some changes to make or elements to add to ultimately raise revenue.

Research shows interactive website features bring in more qualified sales leads. And we know more leads eventually mean more payments for your goods and services. That's why at Everyware, we consider a Text Us widget on a company's website not only a great customer engagement tool and an obvious lead generator but also -- a payment solution.

Convenient Connections Boost Business

We've already established that installing an interactive, convenient communication element on your website can help you engage more with customers, fill your sales funnel with more leads and generate more repeat business.

If you're no longer on the fence about that, you just need to decide what a "convenient connection" means for your audience: Is it an auto-bot conversation that's been programmed to answer your Frequently Asked Questions and route people to various inboxes for an eventual answer? Or would you agree that initiating a Business-to-Consumer (B2C) text message exchange sounds more convenient?

Your website visitors probably want to start a conversation with you without being trapped on a browser tab waiting for a meaningful chatbot response. Unlike a live-chat bot, a tool that initiates a text conversation conveniently moves your message exchange to the SMS app modern consumers are comfortable with, meanwhile releasing them to move about the web.

2 Main Benefits of Adding Text Us to Your Website

A Text Us widget like the one that comes with every Everyware account, frees your website visitors to engage with your business by text message. It can come with many benefits—but here are two big ones that every business can appreciate:

1). More engagement. 2). More payments.

People buy more from businesses with which they can easily communicate—especially over text. If you're looking to increase website interactivity and engage with more of your website visitors, starting up a text conversation is the way to go.

Incorporating SMS payment options like Pay By Text and Batch SMS Invoicing with text reminders (to name a couple) results in more timely payments, a lower billing overhead, and is less miscommunication hassle for everyone involved. Start the text conversations that lead to major growth from your website. If you text with your customers regularly, you are sure to see your Pay By Text and other digital payments overall increase.

Which businesses should be using a Text Us website widget?

A Text Us website widget is great for any business that wants a mix of higher customer engagement and more sales - especially if the business wants to offer the added benefits of Pay By Text to their strategic payments engagement mix.

A text messaging feature will make it easy to engage new leads, who convert to paying customers, who are happy to pay with a secure text message invoice. You'll want to hold these text conversations over a platform backed by a PCI, HIPAA, and SOC 2 security that consolidates all of your B2C texting and payment data.

Businesses from Home Services, Automotive Repair, Consulting, Billing, and Healthcare industries are among the many that have ditched their tedious chatbot software to install Text Us on their websites instead. Why? Because they don't have time to program complicated chat reply routing algorithms that break with one unexpected customer keyword. Because they like the idea of keeping rapid lead intake simple and mobile. And because they really love working with a provider that can get them lower payment processing rates while offering a plethora of payment solutions and modern messaging features all at once.

SAAS platforms that want to integrate payment processing into their system especially love that the Text Us widget comes with all of Everyware's flexible integration capabilities. Business software developers that want to offer clients the ability to text with customers and take payments but don't want to drown in the intense, complex world of digital payment processing or SMS regulations are ideal Everyware Text Us Website Widget candidates.

Put your money where your texts are

A text messaging widget leads to more consistent sales lead intake for your business. At Everyware, we have used the Text Us website feature integrated to our messaging and payments portal for responding to new business inquiries for years! It is one of our top lead sources, in fact.

At least once a week, a business owner looking for a valuable combination of messaging and payment solutions tells us (via text message) how the website text-in tool proves the value of Business-to-Consumer text messaging.

Increase revenue by texting invoices on-demand

You now know that a Text Us solution makes it easy for people to contact you.

But did you know it also makes it easier for you to stay in touch with your contacts? It’s true, and it’s because a smart SMS engagement widget saves incoming contact information so that your team can follow up with the new sales lead or customer who texts in after they leave your website.

Obviously if you convert those leads into customers and continue to stay engaged with them through the preferred modern communication medium, those customers will appreciate the many other convenient B2C text interactions your SMS and payments solutions provider enables.

SMS payment features give you some extra functionality‌. For example, customers who engage by text will appreciate you texting them invoices when it’s time to pay. Making it more convenient for customers to pay means they can pay you faster.

Better still if your SMS website widget ties into an easy appointment scheduling interface with SMS reminders, professional quick reply templates to FAQs, and SMS bulk outreach campaign tools.

And if your website SMS tool comes with a platform that is rest API-capable, you can use the widget to connect with leads and then route incoming messages and contact data into your own system exactly where you need them.

Never miss a message

In the digital age, your audience expects to be able to contact you easily. They also expect a somewhat timely response—especially now that a whopping 30% of Americans are almost constantly online. If you can deliver both things, your customers will likely trust you. Build trust with customers by being easy to get in touch with from the start.

The trick is to actively monitor incoming messages and set up alerts, so none go unanswered. As studies show, people should never wait longer than 20 minutes for a reply.

Everyware's widget comes with the Staff SMS Notifications feature available to each of your unlimited seat holders, who can set incoming message notices to their designated phone and/or email inbox. You can preview incoming messages and log into the secure Everyware web portal to carry on the SMS exchange without missing a beat - or an opportunity. This means you can respond to customers by text no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Think about it: a Text Us widget lets customers text you anytime, and you can reply as soon as you get the message.

If you don't have the bandwidth to give a personal, human response to every incoming message, you'll want a widget connected to a smart platform that lets you set up automated replies directing people to the best answers.

Fast response times are crucial for lead conversion and high customer satisfaction ratings. You want a text widget for your website that will quickly alert staff and allow them to keep conversations going everywhere they go.

Better customer service

Customer service is key in any industry, and it’s a factor that can make or break your business—especially in this modern era where every brand is a few taps away.

The more honest, approachable, and authentically human customer service is, the better. People want to feel like they’re connecting with someone who understands them. Ideally, someone who can listen to their concerns or questions, and provide detailed, helpful answers.

So, while auto chat widgets can be useful, they’re not nearly as effective as SMS. Customers can tell when they’re not speaking to real people and don’t care for the fake front.

When it is easy to text with you and pay you, customers will see that you care about communication which tells them you probably care about other aspects of your business. This makes your audience more receptive to doing business with you, so it’s worthwhile.

Brand your B2C Messaging Widget

Take one look around the internet, and you’ll find many Text Us widget providers. Look closer, and you’ll see that most of those providers offer a wide variety of customization options. That might not sound important, but that customization can give your website brand continuity.

After all, it’s no secret that the more unique and recognizable a brand is, the better chances it has of standing out in an increasingly crowded digital space. Leveraging a customizable Text Us widget lets your businesses create unique and recognizable experiences.

Grow your business with a Text Us widget

Using a Text Us widget comes with a treasure trove of benefits. With more customer interaction, more leads, and better customer service, a Text Us widget can help your business reach its potential quickly.

Many businesses across the web realize this, too. In fact, more and more are moving from webchat bots to text messaging. Businesses looking for both B2C engagement and integrated payment solutions need look no further: Text Everyware to learn more about how we can help your business grow.