Everyware, a leading customer engagement, billing, and payments company, announces its partnership with Discover® Global Network, the payments brand of Discover, for the integration to the new, modernized tokenization platform. Everyware recently implemented network tokenization services which allows companies of all sizes to easily integrate tokens as part of the customer payment experience.

The cloud-based platform launched by Discover Global Network enables companies to evolve their payments capabilities and better support the payment relationship between merchants and Token Requestor Aggregators (TRA). An integral element of the movement towards digital payments, stored payment tokens offer enhanced security and added customer experience benefits.

"We seamlessly integrated the Discover Global Network tokenization services into all of our existing software payment platforms, meaning our clients can immediately offer their customers a more convenient and secure experience," said Everyware Founder and CEO Austin (Larry) Talley.

Everyware continues to push technology boundaries and maintain its role as a disruptor in the payments industry, recently winning the Electronic Transaction Association's (ETA) Top 10 Payments Independent Software Vendors (ISV) award. Aligned with its vision of offering innovative products, Everyware's utilization of tokenization services means businesses can easily integrate a new payment solution that means they get paid faster and improve customer service.

"By implementing Network Tokens, together we enable the secure shift to digital payments. Everyware's business model is the right use case for tokenization, and we believe their clients will significantly benefit from the enhanced security features and account updates that will help our merchant community improve sales authorization, reduce payment transaction breakage, and improve fraud. This in turn will create a better experience for our end customers," said Judith McGuire, Senior Vice President of Global Products, Discover Global Network.

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ABOUT EVERYWARE Everyware is a leading customer engagement, billing, and payments company based in Austin, Texas. Launched in 2015, the company provides services to more than 9,000 merchants across multiple verticals including healthcare, travel, utilities, not-for-profit, and automotive. The platform provides a simple, fast, and secure way to move money while enhancing the ability for merchants to communicate with their customers in real-time with text messaging. It saves them money by improving cash flow and reducing paper billing costs, chargebacks, and fraud. Additionally, Everyware works alongside existing systems for easy integration. For more information, visit Everyware.com

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