The touch of a finger to a phone can make a huge difference in the world of fundraising, and that difference can really be felt when it comes to the size of the donation. In 2022, Americans gave $499.33 billion to charity and having the option to text to give makes donating even easier and faster for both the nonprofit and the supporter. When it comes to attracting major donors, streamlining the donation process can be a game-changer in achieving a nonprofit's annual objectives.

Writing a check or spending time logging on to a website with several steps until you hit the pay button is where nonprofits can easily lose big donations from frustrated donors. Enabling them to contribute simply from the palm of their hand means larger impacts in as fast as it takes to send an emoji.

The modern method of texting to give allows for quick and simple one-time or even recurring contributions. This translates into enhanced fundraising over the long-term and more money coming in. Moreover, SMS text communications offer an additional advantage: They foster trust and cultivate enduring relationships through personalized two-way messaging.

More and more organizations depend on touchless technology as an efficient way to collect donations quickly. A simple SMS communication gives a donor the option of giving at any time without the need to write checks — and that’s especially important when it comes to the older population.

Seniors tend to give more, with the average donor in the U.S. being 64 years old and making charitable gifts to four organizations. Reaching them via their mobile devices is also just a smart move, as nine in 10 U.S. adults older than 50 use their smartphone daily and 83% of them are sending texts and emails (opens as a pdf).

Major donors serve as the livelihood for many nonprofits and similarly, recurring donors play an important role in impact. The average recurring donor will give 42% more in one year than those who give one-time gifts. Offering the option to give by text message, whether it’s a big donation or small, allows a donor to set up a unique recurring giving plan. It is a great way to secure a seamless giving program for established, loyal donors.

Big donations are out there and nonprofits are missing out if they aren’t set up to accept by text message. Seniors who want to give are already using their phones, so now is the time to make it as simple as possible to connect with them and other big donors. Nonprofits need to adopt the solutions available today so they can continue to grow tomorrow.

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