The Electronic Transaction Association (ETA) is proud to announce the inaugural class of Top 10 Payments Independent Software Vendors (ISV) award winners. The award recognizes software companies that are disrupting the payments industry, introducing innovative products and pushing forward technological boundaries.

"These honorees represent an incredible advancement in the evolution of payments," said Jodie Kelley, CEO of ETA. "This year's winners demonstrate creativity, disruptive innovation, dedication to excellence and a unified commitment to bringing efficiencies, cost savings, and improving accessibility for everyday Americans."

The 2023 award recipients will be honored at TRANSACT, ETA's flagship event taking place April 24 - 26 in Atlanta. As part of this honor, a special section on the showroom floor entitled 'ISV Village' will be dedicated to showcasing each winner and their technology.

"MAPP Advisors is thrilled to host the first-ever ISV Village at Transact. We believe Integrated Software companies are changing the payments landscape, from a consumer, merchant, and investor perspective. The ISV Village is a tremendous initiative by the ETA to highlight, encourage and develop companies that are challenging and changing the course of payments", said Jim Battista, Founder and Managing Partner of MAPP Advisors, the sponsor of the inaugural TRANSACT ISV Village.

The 2023 ETA Top 10 Payments ISV Award Winners are setting a new standard for software innovation. From start-ups to established companies, these organizations are transforming how consumers and businesses receive, hold, send, and spend money. With innovative solutions that identify and eliminate inefficiencies across different industries, they are leading the way with secure and convenient payments experiences.

Winners of the 2023 ETA Top 10 Payments ISVs Award are:

BigTime Software (, for bringing an integrated and fully online payments experience that integrates invoicing, collections, and reconciliation processes to the professional services B2B space.

Biller Genie (, for its cloud-based accounts receivable (AR) automation and integrated B2B payments platform for small-and-mid-sized businesses.

Cusi (, for making complicated transactions simple with real-time, secure end-to-end utility management services that automate electronic payments in a very traditional utility market.

Everyware (, for simplifying the movement of money, combining customer engagement with fast, simple and secure payments through the same channels that people use every day.

Kickfin (, for their unique end-to-end gratuity management software.

ParkHub (, for creating an integrated, seamless parking experience while providing rich, real-time data to parking operators nationwide. (, for their secure, digital, white-label SaaS platform that allows buyers to transfer funds for many types of real estate transactions and creating transparency for all stakeholders involved in the transaction.

SoftPoint (, for creating the first biometric payment solution that makes payments frictionless and eliminates fraud without having merchants displace their current platform.

Transact Campus Inc. (, for pioneering integrated and convenient campus payments solutions for students and administrators on campuses nationwide.

Zuza (, for a one-of-a-kind product that integrates POS, e-commerce, smart terminal, and mobile solutions in one super app that can also be white labeled.


The Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) is the world's leading advocacy and trade association for the payments industry. Our members span the breadth of significant payments and fintech companies, from the largest incumbent players to emerging disruptors in the U.S. and in more than a dozen countries around the world. ETA members make commerce possible by processing approximately $44 trillion annually in purchases and P2P payments worldwide and deploying payments innovation to merchants and consumers.


SOURCE Electronic Transactions Association (ETA)