Everyware, a leading contactless payments and customer engagement solutions company, announces its partnership with Ordereze, the marketing company that promotes restaurants directly to consumers. Everyware's integration with Ordereze enables restaurants to save money, expedite contactless set-up and payments, and conveniently fulfill customer orders directly on a platform that matches their brand image.

Now is an especially critical time for restaurants to focus on the digital tools that earn revenue. Ordereze's cost-free Online Ordering PRO tool, powered by Everyware, enables restaurants to earn without turning tables. All it takes is a kitchen to manage and fulfill incoming orders, with no need for hostesses, servers, or bussers and those overhead costs. Online Ordering PRO seamlessly integrates into day-to-day operations and has no setup fees, monthly charges, or per-order costs. Similar to the recent popularity of ghost kitchens, which bring down restaurant overhead costs, Online Ordering PRO sets restaurant owners up for success with customers. The tool is even a solution for ghost kitchens.

Industry studies within the last year reported 63% of restaurant consumers prefer to order delivery directly from restaurants, mostly due to the exorbitant customer fees associated with 3rd party ordering apps. (Source: Sense360) The Online Ordering PRO solution sets restaurants up with the marketing tools to promote directly to consumers in a cost-effective manner and enables customers to order directly from the restaurants which results in increased revenue to the restaurant and higher customer retention.

"Everyware has worked with Ordereze in the past but we're really excited to ramp up our partnership by powering payments for the Online Ordering PRO platform. This partnership means expanding our mission of helping businesses embrace contactless payment and engagement technology into the restaurant industry where modernization is really needed," said Everyware Founder and CEO Larry Talley.

Online Ordering PRO puts restaurants in control of incoming orders, managing those orders with an iPad app, and integrating delivery for those that don't have their own drivers. It's the zero-cost option that helps restaurants define their future. The platform uses DoorDash Drive, meaning restaurants avoid the high percentage fees associated with third-party delivery apps and don't need to hire a driver or cover insurance and other driver costs.

"Our partnership with Everyware gives restaurants the competitive advantage needed to provide an exceptional product to their customers," said Ordereze Co-Founder and President, Jim Oliva. "The integration enables our restaurant customers to thrive and help their bottom-line."

Restaurants interested in Online Ordering PRO powered by Everyware can learn more, sign up, or test drive the Online Ordering PRO app simulation to actually feel the restaurant manager and customer online ordering experience at ordereze.com/everyware. For questions, text 561-404-1462 and an Everyware for Restaurants representative will quickly reply.

For more information, visit Everyware at Everyware.com or follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

ABOUT EVERYWARE Launched by Larry Talley and Scott Orlinsky in 2015, Everyware is a leading contactless payments and customer engagement solutions company. Everyware offers simple billing solutions for organizations in a wide variety of industries helping companies collect payments and connect with customers, especially through text messaging, the ultimate contactless technology. The company helps clients to boost revenue, reduce chargebacks and refunds, as well as improve customer service. There is no other highly secure, mobile communication platform and payment gateway on the market that combines these tools to meet the demand. It is the most straightforward, simple and scalable Pay by Text platform that has the capability to work alongside existing systems with easy integration.

ABOUT ORDEREZE Ordereze is an online marketing company designed to serve the independent restaurant industry. Our platform provides a one-stop-shop of essential, cost-effective marketing tools including: websites, social media, promotions, and cost-free online ordering, allowing restaurants to promote themselves directly to their consumers. At Ordereze, we are a team universally recognized for generating innovative ideas, flawlessly executing tasks, and producing exemplary results.

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