Network Tokenization 101: The Security Solution of the Future

First Off, What’s "Tokenization"?

There is a lot of talk about tokenization in the world of credit card payments. What does that mean? And why should you care? Payment networks such as Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover use tokenization to replace primary account numbers (PANs) and other details with ones provided by the card company.

The term "security tokens" refers to "merchant" or "merchant acquirer" tokens. As an alternative identifier, the term is used to protect sensitive data in transit. By replacing sensitive data with tokens, the merchant can eliminate the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive information. So, even if a merchant's system is breached, your credit card data is still safe since hackers only have access to token numbers as opposed to your actual credit card information.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Using Tokenization? The benefits of tokenization can be substantial for both merchants and consumers. It can help merchants reduce fraud and seizure risks. For consumers, tokenization provides greater payment security. In general, tokenization can make payments more convenient and secure for everyone involved. Let's focus on the six main benefits you should be aware of.

Enhanced Security The PAN for network tokens doesn’t need to be transmitted or revealed. Unlike PCI tokens, network tokens are interoperable in the payment flow. Tokens are issued by a token service provider and can only be requested by a single individual. Generally, network token-based transactions do not fall under PCI tokens since they are authenticated using merchant-specific data. A token alone is inoperable in the absence of PCI scope since it does not perform merchant-specific authentication for each transaction. By converting stored credit card data to secure network tokens, merchants can increase security, improve customer experience, and increase authorization success rates. Through an agnostic orchestration layer and a network token strategy, an organization can use a network token or a secure, vaulted PAN token. The method used depends on the payment processor.

Lower Interchange Rates Lower Card-not-present (CNP) interchange rates are always higher than card-present rates. The cardholder is not present to sign for the purchase, so the risk of fraud is higher. In fact, in some cases, CNP interchange rates can be as much as three times higher. Tokenization helps to lower these costs by turning a CNP transaction into a card-present one.

Real-Time Payments Tokenization can support real-time payments, which provide an immediate exchange of funds between financial institutions. This is different from the typical two-day ACH transfer. In order for tokenization to work, both the payer's and payee's banks need to be on the same network.

Higher Approvals and Lower Declines When a cardholder's account is suspended for fraud, they can't use their card for anything. With network tokens, cards are neither suspended for fraud, nor updated. With network tokens, fraud that affects a merchant's frequent token doesn’t affect other tokens within the ecosystem. Every network token has a domain restriction tied to one merchant. In this way, card issuers and networks can support transactions for cardholders whose PANs have been suspended due to suspicion of fraud.

Chargebacks Chargebacks happen for a variety of reasons. In some cases, they’re the result of fraud. But in others, they’re simply due to customer error—the customer didn’t recognize a charge on their statement, for example, or they were dissatisfied with a purchase and are seeking a refund. In either case, chargebacks are costly—not just in terms of the transaction value, but also in terms of the fees charged by the card issuer and, in some cases, penalty fees assessed by the acquirer.

Tokenization can help reduce the number of chargebacks a business incurs. By replacing sensitive card data with a token, businesses can limit their exposure to card data and, as a result, lower their risk of fraud.

Checkout Improvements By reducing declines and enhancing security, online transactions can be made more convenient for customers. Customer accounts do not need to be logged into to update payment methods after expired account details are removed. By authenticating the merchant and not the cardholder, you eliminate the need to verify CVV/CVC, which is easily forgotten or entered incorrectly, resulting in a false decline. Merchants no longer have to authorize transactions that appear on cardholder statements when account verification occurs during token provision.

Is Tokenization Really Necessary, or Is It Just Another Security Option? Over the past few years, consumer spending habits have shifted dramatically. Digital transactions have increased faster than in-store sales today. However, this rapid growth and technological advancement also present a number of challenges.

Despite the increase in fraud, merchants are under extreme pressure to deliver seamless payment experiences to meet consumers' ever-increasing demands. Merchants are turning to various technologies, such as network tokenization, to strike a balance between seamless shopping experiences and high levels of security. Although network tokenization is often thought of as an optional addition, it's a revolutionary technology that simplifies online commerce and secures payment details.

Is Anyone Offering Tokenization as a Viable Solution to Security Breaches? Tokenization is available in several different forms these days. SecurePay provides high levels of security. Another popular solution is Tokenex, which provides tokenization as a service (TaaS).

But Everyware is different from the rest.

As a leading provider of contactless payments and customer engagement solutions, we offer Pay By Text functionality, which allows customers to make payments using their cell phone numbers. Rather than requiring private credit card information to be shared, this new payment method is paving the way for the industry's future.

As part of our partnership with Visa, the world's largest provider of digital payments, we are leveraging Token ID, a Visa Solution that allows banks, merchants, regional payment schemes, clearinghouses, and other payment stakeholders to build, manage, and control their own tokenization capabilities. Token ID allows us to act as a token requestor for our clients, requesting network tokens on their behalf. Paying with a cell phone number will be possible across merchants and payment processors, wherever Visa is accepted.

With the combination of Visa's tokenization technology and our solution, customers can approve payments swiftly and securely by replying 'yes' by text message. By making this payment method available to payment processors, gateways, and software companies, their customers will have a better checkout experience, and their authorization success rates will rise for all types of cards.

Or as Larry Talley, Founder and & CEO of Everyware described, "Network Tokenization has taken a giant step forward in security and value for card-not-present transactions. Through the power of the Network Token, Everyware can provide a frictionless payment experience."

Final Thoughts So there you have it―a brief overview of network tokenization and its many benefits.

We recommend that you look into network tokenization if you are concerned about the security of your payment card information. This is a simple and effective way of improving the security of your payments.

Hopefully, this helped make things clearer for you. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions―we're happy to help.

Contactless Payments for Auto Dealerships: A Strategic Investment for the Future

The auto dealership industry, like many others, is experiencing a digital transformation. The global pandemic accelerated this transformation and shifted customer payment and communication preferences to contactless options.

A study by Mastercard found that 79% of respondents worldwide are using contactless payments, citing safety and cleanliness as key drivers. This shift in consumer behavior extends to the automotive industry, where the traditional methods of cash and card payments are being replaced by faster, more convenient options.

Benefits of Contactless Payments for Auto Dealerships

Adopting contactless payments can provide several advantages to auto dealerships:

  • Efficient Operations: Contactless payments can help reduce the time and effort spent on cash handling and the potential for human error, making operations more efficient.
  • Improved Cash Flow: Real-time payments eliminate the waiting period associated with check clearing or card payment processing. This can improve cash flow, a key aspect of running a successful business.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: A survey by American Express found that 69% of consumers have a more positive view of businesses that accept contactless payments. By offering this option, auto dealerships can provide a better customer experience and potentially increase customer loyalty.
  • Increased Security: Contactless payments use advanced encryption technology, which can reduce the risk of payment fraud.

Incorporating Everyware's Pay By Text Solution

Everyware's innovative Pay By Text solution can further enhance the advantages of contactless payments for auto dealerships. Businesses are able to send a payment link via text, enabling customers to pay at their convenience right from their phone. The business receives the payment instantly, streamlining the payment process and offering a contactless option that is increasingly important in today's environment.

Future of Payments in Auto Dealerships

For auto dealerships and shop owners looking to stay competitive in this digital age, adopting contactless payments is a strategic move. By anticipating customers' needs, streamlining operations, and utilizing advanced technology, auto dealerships and service centers can position themselves for success.

Whether a business is a small-town dealership or a nationwide chain, the potential of real-time payments and Everyware’s innovative Pay By Text solution can significantly impact its operations. As the industry moves forward, contactless payments are likely to become the norm rather than the exception. The future of payments in auto dealerships is here, and it is contactless.

Improving Patient Satisfaction and Retention with RTP and Text Messaging Platforms

Patient satisfaction and retention are critical factors in the healthcare world. Patients who are satisfied with their care experience are more likely to return for future care and recommend their healthcare provider to others. However, achieving high levels of patient satisfaction and retention can be challenging, particularly in the face of logistical and financial barriers.

Technology is a powerful tool to leverage in improving the patient experience. Healthcare providers can leverage real-time payment and text messaging technology to communicate with patients in a way that is clear, concise, and convenient. This direct line of communication between patient and provider improves the care experience and promotes patient loyalty.

Real-time payments provide patients with a convenient and secure payment option. With a complete payments and communication platform, patients can receive payments instantly, removing financial barriers to accessing care and ensuring that they have a positive care experience.

Text messaging platforms can also play a key role in improving patient satisfaction and retention. Patients who receive timely communication from their healthcare providers are more likely to feel informed and engaged in their care. Text messaging platforms enable healthcare providers to communicate with patients in real-time, providing them with important information about their health and care.

In addition, text messaging platforms can be used to send appointment reminders, medication adherence messages, and other personalized notes that help patients feel supported and engaged in their care. By staying in touch with patients in a way that is convenient and accessible, healthcare providers can build strong relationships with their patients.

At Everyware, we believe that every patient deserves a positive and engaging care experience. Our simple, secure two-way text messaging and payment solutions can help your practice increase patient engagement, satisfaction, and retention. Contact us today to learn more.

5 Ways Real-Time Payment Solutions Are Fighting Fraud

Pay By Text solutions are on the rise, and preventing fraudulent activities remains a top priority for payments companies, merchants, and consumers alike. Fraud can lead to significant financial losses and reputational damage, particularly for payments companies, making it crucial for them to have effective strategies in place. In order to successfully fight fraud, payments companies are utilizing:

1. Secure payment methods: One of the most effective ways to fight fraud is through the use of secure payment methods. Payments companies can implement encryption technology and two-factor authentication to secure transactions and protect sensitive information from unauthorized access and identity theft. These measures work to reduce the risk of fraudulent activities.

2. Transaction monitoring: Payments companies have access to sophisticated algorithms that can detect unusual patterns of behavior and alert users to potential fraud. By monitoring their own systems for unexpected transfers or unauthorized transactions, payments companies can take swift action to prevent fraudulent activities from occurring.

3. Educational resources: Payments companies can provide users with educational resources to help them understand the risks of fraudulent activities and how to avoid them. By following best practices, such as only using trusted payment apps and websites and never sharing login credentials or personal information, users can minimize their risk of falling victim to fraud.

4. Partnerships with law enforcement and regulatory agencies: By working together, payments companies and regulatory agencies can share information about fraudulent activity and coordinate efforts to catch and prosecute fraudsters. This collaboration can also help to establish standards for Pay By Text platforms that can reduce the risk of fraud.

5. Ongoing research: Finally, payments companies should invest in ongoing research and development to stay ahead of emerging threats. Fraudsters are always developing new techniques to exploit vulnerabilities in payment systems, so it's important to stay vigilant and adaptive. By investing in cutting-edge technology and partnerships with experts in cybersecurity, payments companies can stay one step ahead of the fraudsters.

By implementing this multi-pronged approach, the payments industry can effectively fight fraud, protect users from financial losses, and preserve the integrity of the payments system. At Everyware, we are committed to supporting the payments industry in their efforts to combat fraud and maintain a secure and reliable payments platform. Visit our Solutions page to learn more.

Improving Patient Outcomes with Real-Time Payment Tracking

Real-time payment tracking has the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry and improve patient outcomes. Real-time payment data can be used to identify patients who may be at risk for non-compliance with their treatment plans and provide targeted interventions to help them stay on track.

One of the biggest challenges facing healthcare providers today is patient non-compliance. Patients may forget to take their medication, fail to show up for appointments, or ignore important health advice. Non-compliance can lead to serious health complications and can ultimately result in higher healthcare costs.

Real-time payment tracking can help address this problem by providing healthcare providers with valuable data about patient behavior. For example, if a patient fails to pay for a medication refill or misses a payment for a medical procedure, this could be a sign that they are not following their treatment plan as recommended. With real-time payment data, healthcare providers can identify these patients and intervene before the situation becomes more serious.

One way that healthcare providers can use real-time payment tracking to improve patient outcomes is by sending reminders and alerts to patients who are at risk for non-compliance. For example, if a patient misses a payment for a medication refill, their healthcare provider could send them a text message reminding them to take their medication as prescribed. This simple reminder could make all the difference in helping the patient stay on track with their treatment plan.

Real-time payment tracking can also be used to identify patients who may be experiencing financial hardship and are therefore at risk for non-compliance. For example, if a patient is consistently late on their payments or misses payments altogether, this could be a sign that they are struggling to make ends meet. In these cases, healthcare providers can work with patients to find solutions that will help them stay on track with their treatment plan, such as financial assistance programs or payment plans.

In addition to improving patient outcomes, real-time payment tracking can also benefit healthcare providers and insurers. By identifying patients who are at risk for non-compliance, healthcare providers can reduce the risk of costly health complications and improve overall patient satisfaction. Insurers can also benefit from real-time payment data by identifying patients who are at high risk for claims and taking proactive measures to reduce their risk.

Of course, there are also challenges to implementing real-time payment tracking in the healthcare industry. For example, healthcare providers and insurers must be careful to protect patient privacy and ensure that any data collected is used ethically and responsibly. Additionally, real-time payment tracking systems must be designed with user experience in mind, to ensure that patients are not overwhelmed with alerts and reminders.

Real-time payment tracking can be a powerful tool for improving patient outcomes in the healthcare industry. By identifying patients who are at risk for non-compliance and providing targeted interventions, healthcare providers can reduce the risk of costly health complications and improve overall patient satisfaction. While there are challenges to implementing real-time payment tracking, the potential benefits make this technology well worth exploring. The healthcare industry can harness the power of real-time payment tracking to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

Harnessing the Power of Real-Time Payments in the Healthcare Gig Economy

The healthcare sector is grappling with a momentous challenge — a severe shortage of nursing and other admin and medical staff. This deficit, already a significant issue, was further exacerbated by the 2020 pandemic and has carried on into 2023, leading to the largest dip in nursing employment in over four decades. To address this, health administrators and staffing agencies are increasingly turning to gig economy apps to meet the rising demand for flexibility, autonomy, and better compensation from nursing and supporting staff. These apps open the door to a wider labor market and present an attractive alternative to conventional temporary staffing agencies.

However, the gig economy model introduces a certain level of uncertainty, particularly around the reliable and timely payments for filled shifts, posing a risk for healthcare institutions. As a result, many organizations are exploring additional or alternative incentives to retain existing staff and attract new talent. One such innovative solution is real-time payments, or payments processed as close to real-time as possible.

As the gig marketplace for hiring nurses and supporting staff continues to burgeon, it is anticipated that this competitive hiring landscape will persist. Prompt or instantaneous payments have proven to be a compelling hiring tool in other gig marketplaces, and it is likely to hold the same allure in the healthcare sector. As healthcare firms revamp their customer-facing payment platforms, they should also consider upgrading their payroll systems to enable such options. This could prove to be a game-changer in the high-stakes environment of the current staff shortages.

But the gig economy in healthcare is not limited to just nursing staff. There are other areas of the healthcare gig economy, such as 'purchased services' vendors, administrative staff, doctors, and other medical staff, where real-time payments and pay by text can offer significant benefits. For instance, 'purchased services' vendors, who provide essential services ranging from laundry to IT, can benefit from real-time payments ensuring prompt compensation for their services. Likewise, doctors working on a freelance basis can have more control over their finances with real-time payments, reducing the financial stress often associated with delayed payments.

Similarly, administrative staff working on a contract basis can take advantage of real-time payments to better manage their financial situation. They can receive payments immediately after completing a shift, improving their cash flow and reducing the need for payday loans or credit cards to cover expenses between paychecks. Furthermore, pay by text can make the process even more convenient, allowing these workers to receive their payments directly to their mobile devices, no matter where they are.

The gig economy, projected to constitute half of the U.S. workforce by 2020, is changing the way people work and earn, focusing more on "work" rather than a traditional "job." The healthcare industry, though a pioneer in the gig economy fifty years ago with a freelancing job market ahead of its time, has lagged in updating its hiring practices and embracing staffing innovations.

Refocusing on the flexibility that freelance and contract work offers is one way to mitigate burnout and decrease turnover rates. Gig work allows healthcare professionals, be it nurses, doctors, or administrative staff, the liberty to create their own schedules, paired with the opportunity to increase their earning potential.

The shift towards a more flexible, on-demand staffing model in healthcare is imperative. Embracing a more structured "freelance" approach to staffing across all roles is a future-forward move that will help the healthcare industry stay on pace with the ever-evolving aspects of care continuum. Real-time payments are a pivotal part of this shift, granting healthcare professionals more control over their finances and empowering them to earn on their own terms.

The healthcare industry must continue to harness the potential of the gig economy and real-time payments to address the ongoing staff shortage crisis. The future of healthcare staffing lies in the gig economy.

Unlocking Patient Access to Healthcare through Innovative Financing Solutions

Healthcare providers are always seeking ways to improve patient experience, patient satisfaction, and retention while maintaining financial stability. One innovative approach gaining traction in the healthcare world is offering patient financing options, including Pay By Text. By providing patients with flexible payment plans and payment options, healthcare providers can enhance patient access to essential medical services while simultaneously improving their bottom line.

With rising healthcare costs, many patients find it challenging to afford necessary, possibly life-saving treatments and procedures. Patient financing options, such as care now, pay-over-time, can help alleviate this burden by breaking down the costs into manageable monthly payments. This empowers patients to seek the care they need without delay, leading to better health outcomes and higher patient satisfaction rates. Because patients are less likely to avoid care due to cost barriers, offering patient financing can also boost a healthcare provider's revenue and cash flow.

Patient financing options also enable healthcare organizations to attract new patients who may have otherwise been deterred by the cost of treatment, thereby increasing patient volume and revenue generation. As more patients opt for financing plans, healthcare providers can experience a decrease in bad debt and the need for collections. Patients are more likely to pay their medical bills when they can do so in smaller increments, reducing the number of outstanding accounts and the resources spent on collection efforts.

By offering patient financing, healthcare providers demonstrate their commitment to making healthcare more accessible and affordable, enhancing the patient experience. This not only helps to build trust and rapport with existing patients but also fosters long-term relationships, as patients are more likely to return to a provider who accommodates their financial needs. Providing patient financing options can set a provider apart from the competition and improve the patient experience. By positioning themselves as an organization that cares about patients' financial wellbeing and offering care now, pay-over-time solutions, healthcare providers can attract more patients and build a positive reputation within the community.

Patient financing options allow healthcare providers to engage with patients proactively about their financial obligations, improving the payment process. This encourages a transparent and open dialogue, helping patients better understand their treatment costs and empowering them to make informed decisions about their care. Increased patient engagement can also lead to higher patient satisfaction and a stronger patient-provider relationship, improving the overall customer experience.

Incorporating patient financing solutions in the healthcare world offers numerous benefits, from expanding access to care and improving patient satisfaction to increasing revenue and reducing bad debt. By adopting patient financing options, healthcare providers can better meet the needs of their patients while strengthening their financial performance and competitive edge in the payments space. As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, innovative financing solutions will play a critical role in shaping the future of patient care and provider success.

Empowering SMB Payments with Mobile Pay By Text Solutions

In today's fast-paced world, it is crucial for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to keep up with technological advancements to meet the ever-changing needs and expectations of their customers. Pay By Text solutions have emerged as an increasingly popular and efficient method, allowing customers to pay their bills effortlessly using their smartphones. This eliminates the need for checks or complex payment websites, enhancing the overall payment experience and boosting business efficiency.

Let's delve into the transformative impact of Pay By Text solutions on SMB payment processes.

One key advantage of Pay By Text is the convenience it provides. Customers can make payments anytime and from anywhere, bypassing the need to mail checks or log into payment websites. This ease and flexibility not only increases customer satisfaction but also helps build loyalty, which is invaluable for SMBs.

In addition to customer convenience, Pay By Text expedites transactions, leading to improved cash flow for businesses. As payments are received and processed more quickly, customers can avoid late fees, overdue payments, and potential collection issues.

Security is always a top concern when it comes to payments. But only a few Pay By Text solutions address this by adhering to rigorous security standards such as PCI compliance and SOC 2 certification, while employing encryption and secure payment gateways. PCI compliance ensures that businesses process, store, and transmit credit card information securely, while SOC 2 certification guarantees that a company's security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy controls have undergone an in-depth audit. By incorporating these stringent security measures, Pay By Text solutions offer peace of mind to customers and businesses alike, allowing users to confidently engage in transactions while reducing the risk of fraud and data breaches.

Despite its user-friendly and secure nature, Pay By Text remains a cost-effective solution for both customers and SMBs. It reduces administrative expenses and eliminates fees associated with traditional payment methods.

Implementing Pay By Text allows SMBs to reallocate valuable resources to more strategic and value-added tasks. The time saved from manual payment processing and reconciliations can be channeled into improving the customer experience, enhancing product offerings, or boosting marketing efforts. This shift in resource allocation fosters a more agile and responsive business model, which is essential for sustained growth and success.

The reduced administrative workload also results in increased overall business efficiency. With less time spent on processing payments and addressing payment-related issues, businesses can focus on optimizing operations, identifying new revenue streams, and nurturing customer relationships. This operational efficiency ultimately contributes to a more robust and scalable business, better equipped to respond to market changes and growth opportunities.

By adopting Pay By Text solutions, SMBs can stay competitive in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape. Offering cutting-edge, customer-focused payment methods sets businesses apart from competitors who may still rely on traditional payment options. This innovation showcases a commitment to meeting the continuously evolving preferences and demands of modern consumers, who increasingly seek convenience, speed, and security in their payment experiences.

As the business landscape progresses, Pay By Text solutions are becoming a favored payment method, offering numerous benefits for both customers and SMBs. By improving the overall customer experience and driving business efficiency, Pay By Text solutions can be a game-changer for SMBs looking to excel in the digital era.

Revolutionizing Healthcare Payments with Pay By Text

The world of healthcare is always changing, and according to Health Leaders Media, the revenue cycle automation and technology is at the heart of these transformations providing patients with better access to patient portals, digital front doors, and payment options. Nowadays, we see an increase in patients using text messaging solutions to pay their medical bills. It is as simple as using a smartphone to make a payment, leaving behind the days of writing checks or navigating complicated payment websites.

Introducing Pay By Text into the mix not only makes life easier for patients but also offers a complete range of benefits for healthcare providers, like making sure they're following HIPAA guidelines. Let's look at some of the top reasons why Pay By Text is such a game-changer:

  • The patient experience is better than ever with Pay By Text. According to Patient Engagement HIT News, 90% of patients say loyalty relies on their financial experience where they can make payments whenever they want, wherever they are. This kind of flexibility means happier, more engaged patients who enjoy a positive experience with their healthcare providers.

  • Transactions happen faster when patients pay via text messaging. Patients can avoid late fees and the risk of collections, while healthcare providers enjoy improved accounts receivables as payments are processed more quickly, improving the overall revenue cycle.

  • Security and HIPAA compliance are crucial in the healthcare world, and only payment providers can offer a certified HIPAA compliant platform to process payments. With encryption and secure payment gateways, patients and providers can trust that their information is safe. Plus, by following HIPAA rules, Pay By Text solutions help protect sensitive patient data, which is vital for maintaining trust between patients and providers.

  • Everyone loves saving money, right? Pay By Text gets rid of fees associated with traditional payment methods like postage costs. It's a win-win situation for patients and healthcare providers who want to keep expenses low.

  • Healthcare providers can say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with paper checks and mailing bills. With SMS payment solutions in place, they can focus their energy and resources on more important tasks, making their healthcare businesses run more efficiently.

  • Paying medical bills on time is essential, and with Pay By Text, patients can do just that. This helps improve patient outcomes by reducing the chances of medical debt and financial hardship, and cost barriers to care leading to a healthier relationship between patients and providers.

As the healthcare industry keeps moving forward, we can expect to see Pay By Text solutions becoming even more popular. With so many benefits for both patients and healthcare providers, including HIPAA compliance, Pay By Text is a convenient, secure, and cost-effective way to manage medical bills. This new approach leads to a better patient experience and increased business efficiency, all while maintaining the highest standards of security and privacy.

EverywareText Us Email Banner - No App NeededText Us Social - 2.png
How a Text Us Website Widget Converts Website Visitors to Paying Customers

Are you getting enough new leads from your website?

Your company website may be informative, but how interactive is it? Is it bringing you enough new leads? Are you paying a ton for a fancy chatbot that took forever to set up? In today’s digital environment, these are the questions you have to answer as a business owner. And depending on your answers, you might have some changes to make or elements to add to ultimately raise revenue.

Research shows interactive website features bring in more qualified sales leads. And we know more leads eventually mean more payments for your goods and services. That's why at Everyware, we consider a Text Us widget on a company's website not only a great customer engagement tool and an obvious lead generator but also -- a payment solution.

Convenient Connections Boost Business

We've already established that installing an interactive, convenient communication element on your website can help you engage more with customers, fill your sales funnel with more leads and generate more repeat business.

If you're no longer on the fence about that, you just need to decide what a "convenient connection" means for your audience: Is it an auto-bot conversation that's been programmed to answer your Frequently Asked Questions and route people to various inboxes for an eventual answer? Or would you agree that initiating a Business-to-Consumer (B2C) text message exchange sounds more convenient?

Your website visitors probably want to start a conversation with you without being trapped on a browser tab waiting for a meaningful chatbot response. Unlike a live-chat bot, a tool that initiates a text conversation conveniently moves your message exchange to the SMS app modern consumers are comfortable with, meanwhile releasing them to move about the web.

2 Main Benefits of Adding Text Us to Your Website

A Text Us widget like the one that comes with every Everyware account, frees your website visitors to engage with your business by text message. It can come with many benefits—but here are two big ones that every business can appreciate:

1). More engagement. 2). More payments.

People buy more from businesses with which they can easily communicate—especially over text. If you're looking to increase website interactivity and engage with more of your website visitors, starting up a text conversation is the way to go.

Incorporating SMS payment options like Pay By Text and Batch SMS Invoicing with text reminders (to name a couple) results in more timely payments, a lower billing overhead, and is less miscommunication hassle for everyone involved. Start the text conversations that lead to major growth from your website. If you text with your customers regularly, you are sure to see your Pay By Text and other digital payments overall increase.

Which businesses should be using a Text Us website widget?

A Text Us website widget is great for any business that wants a mix of higher customer engagement and more sales - especially if the business wants to offer the added benefits of Pay By Text to their strategic payments engagement mix.

A text messaging feature will make it easy to engage new leads, who convert to paying customers, who are happy to pay with a secure text message invoice. You'll want to hold these text conversations over a platform backed by a PCI, HIPAA, and SOC 2 security that consolidates all of your B2C texting and payment data.

Businesses from Home Services, Automotive Repair, Consulting, Billing, and Healthcare industries are among the many that have ditched their tedious chatbot software to install Text Us on their websites instead. Why? Because they don't have time to program complicated chat reply routing algorithms that break with one unexpected customer keyword. Because they like the idea of keeping rapid lead intake simple and mobile. And because they really love working with a provider that can get them lower payment processing rates while offering a plethora of payment solutions and modern messaging features all at once.

SAAS platforms that want to integrate payment processing into their system especially love that the Text Us widget comes with all of Everyware's flexible integration capabilities. Business software developers that want to offer clients the ability to text with customers and take payments but don't want to drown in the intense, complex world of digital payment processing or SMS regulations are ideal Everyware Text Us Website Widget candidates.

Put your money where your texts are

A text messaging widget leads to more consistent sales lead intake for your business. At Everyware, we have used the Text Us website feature integrated to our messaging and payments portal for responding to new business inquiries for years! It is one of our top lead sources, in fact.

At least once a week, a business owner looking for a valuable combination of messaging and payment solutions tells us (via text message) how the website text-in tool proves the value of Business-to-Consumer text messaging.

Increase revenue by texting invoices on-demand

You now know that a Text Us solution makes it easy for people to contact you.

But did you know it also makes it easier for you to stay in touch with your contacts? It’s true, and it’s because a smart SMS engagement widget saves incoming contact information so that your team can follow up with the new sales lead or customer who texts in after they leave your website.

Obviously if you convert those leads into customers and continue to stay engaged with them through the preferred modern communication medium, those customers will appreciate the many other convenient B2C text interactions your SMS and payments solutions provider enables.

SMS payment features give you some extra functionality‌. For example, customers who engage by text will appreciate you texting them invoices when it’s time to pay. Making it more convenient for customers to pay means they can pay you faster.

Better still if your SMS website widget ties into an easy appointment scheduling interface with SMS reminders, professional quick reply templates to FAQs, and SMS bulk outreach campaign tools.

And if your website SMS tool comes with a platform that is rest API-capable, you can use the widget to connect with leads and then route incoming messages and contact data into your own system exactly where you need them.

Never miss a message

In the digital age, your audience expects to be able to contact you easily. They also expect a somewhat timely response—especially now that a whopping 30% of Americans are almost constantly online. If you can deliver both things, your customers will likely trust you. Build trust with customers by being easy to get in touch with from the start.

The trick is to actively monitor incoming messages and set up alerts, so none go unanswered. As studies show, people should never wait longer than 20 minutes for a reply.

Everyware's widget comes with the Staff SMS Notifications feature available to each of your unlimited seat holders, who can set incoming message notices to their designated phone and/or email inbox. You can preview incoming messages and log into the secure Everyware web portal to carry on the SMS exchange without missing a beat - or an opportunity. This means you can respond to customers by text no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Think about it: a Text Us widget lets customers text you anytime, and you can reply as soon as you get the message.

If you don't have the bandwidth to give a personal, human response to every incoming message, you'll want a widget connected to a smart platform that lets you set up automated replies directing people to the best answers.

Fast response times are crucial for lead conversion and high customer satisfaction ratings. You want a text widget for your website that will quickly alert staff and allow them to keep conversations going everywhere they go.

Better customer service

Customer service is key in any industry, and it’s a factor that can make or break your business—especially in this modern era where every brand is a few taps away.

The more honest, approachable, and authentically human customer service is, the better. People want to feel like they’re connecting with someone who understands them. Ideally, someone who can listen to their concerns or questions, and provide detailed, helpful answers.

So, while auto chat widgets can be useful, they’re not nearly as effective as SMS. Customers can tell when they’re not speaking to real people and don’t care for the fake front.

When it is easy to text with you and pay you, customers will see that you care about communication which tells them you probably care about other aspects of your business. This makes your audience more receptive to doing business with you, so it’s worthwhile.

Brand your B2C Messaging Widget

Take one look around the internet, and you’ll find many Text Us widget providers. Look closer, and you’ll see that most of those providers offer a wide variety of customization options. That might not sound important, but that customization can give your website brand continuity.

After all, it’s no secret that the more unique and recognizable a brand is, the better chances it has of standing out in an increasingly crowded digital space. Leveraging a customizable Text Us widget lets your businesses create unique and recognizable experiences.

Grow your business with a Text Us widget

Using a Text Us widget comes with a treasure trove of benefits. With more customer interaction, more leads, and better customer service, a Text Us widget can help your business reach its potential quickly.

Many businesses across the web realize this, too. In fact, more and more are moving from webchat bots to text messaging. Businesses looking for both B2C engagement and integrated payment solutions need look no further: Text Everyware to learn more about how we can help your business grow.